Bellydance & Free dance kids

Bellydance & Free dance kids
      ? Bellydance & Free dance kids ?
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? Address: Vienna, Austria -  stay tuned for info
➡  Level: For kids between 4 - 12 years old
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? Every child knows that dancing is good for health!
As we move under the rhythm of different sounds and music, we also make new friendships.
⚠️❗⚠️  The course will helps children learn more about their body and use their time in a healthy way.
?Program includes:
✅ bellydance & free dance styles.
✅ basic steps and combinations
✅ roles games
 while we are playing we count, name actions, recognize emotions, name body parts
✅ time is full with love laugh and experiences
?? Positive results for the kids and children:
developing orientation, coordination, motor activity
? concentration - they learn how to follow directions and instructions
? self-confidence and social skills for group work
? development of strong hands, fingers and back - important for the writing phase (development of motor skills and musculoskeletal system) 
? sense of consistency and rhythm (learning about rhythms) - necessary for learning mathematics and logical sciences.
? work with the emotional body
? how to respect inner world and talents
? learning through acting and storytelling.

❤️ With love organizer - Anjela ❤️