Anti-stress dance program with Anjela

Anti-stress dance program with Anjela

? Аnti-stress dance program with Аnjela

? Date: - stay tuned for more info
? Time: - stay tuned for more info
? Address: Vienna, Austria - stay tuned for more info
? Online via  ZOOM .
➡ Open level: only for ladies  20 +
?  Price per 1 class - 20 euro
? Е-mail:
☎️  For info: 00359897 911 160

 ? ? Step up and change your life.
Come and tested recipe with a set of exercises and physical activity in a pleasant atmosphere.

⚠️❗⚠️ The course will helps you be a healthy, balanced and inspired woman.


??? Regular classes also include:
✅ specialized gymnastics for a harmonious body

✅ movements of all muscle and coordination in the body
✅ breath exercises from the Eeast 
✅ bellydance steps and foot work
✅  meditations for heatlh and wisdom
✅ music therapy - Dolphins therapy sounds, Unders water’s sounds healing

?? Positive results:
? release the body
? reduce stress
? Improve your mood and self-esteem.
? increasing immunity.
? Rejuvenation of the body
? get easy in shape body

 Learn more how Antistress dance program helps more:
?in migraine, neurasthenia, overexertion and mental fatigue

?panic attacks, nervous disorders
?before and after: surgery, discopathy and disc herniation, pregnancy.

❤️ With love organizer - Anjela ❤️