Orient Fest Black sea Bulgaria by Anjela

First Academy of Egyptian & Oriental  dance styles 

& Metaphysic Bulgaria

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Do you want to develop professionally in the field of oriental classical, folk and modern dance and connection with metaphysic. Teachers, assistants and masters of the oriental dance and lecturers in the field of metaphysics, will welcome you in a series of seminars and lectures regarding the history, nature and importance of oriental dances in Bulgaria and abroad and metaphysical possibility of a multi-dimensional life..

At the dance classes and seminars you will learn more about  classical, folk and modern style - history of the dances , typical costumes, musical rhythms, and how to understand  the structure of the music which create in you professional expressions as a  dancer, channeling live  and connection to the multidimensional quantum life, the relationship with the Absolute and the importance of people for the Universe and all that exist.

The Academy of Oriental dance  produced a series of DVD-ta of concerts and you can find numerous appearances in Youtube of our  workshops and Orient Fest Black sea by Anjela.

Evidence of quality and professionalism is created by Anjela production - a series of unique and first of its kind in Bulgaria, theatrical opera performances in the field of professional Oriental art
- 40 days & 1001 nigths Bulgaria by Anjela 2008-2014  the biggest artistic dance project in the Egyptian style Raqs sharki in Bulgaria based on quantum physics

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 You will study the dance in the following areas

1 For health and relax - a program developed and demonstrated in a series of seminars in Bulgaria and abroad by Anjela based on quantum physics, work with DNA codes and cellular memory of each student.
2. For  professional stage performances - you will learn more about styles Raqs Sharqi - /classic, folk  and modern dances over 20 styles / and history of  oriental raqs sharki dances in different levels.
3 For pregnant women - a special program created and proven by Anjela in a series of lectures and rehabilitation centers - 9 months duration of the dancing till  the last day before birth of the baby

Groups are recommended for mothers with children to harmonise and balanced communication each other in their life



We organize seminars, concerts, dance and artistic performances in TV Shows, competitions, festivals in Bulgaria and in Europe.

connect with us: blackseafestbulgaria@abv.bg