Orient Fest Black sea Bulgaria by Anjela

Boutique dance school First Academy of Raqs Sharki Bulgaria 

The "First Academy of Raqs Sharki" Oriental Dance School was founded in 2008 by Anjela in Sofia, and since 2012 you can also visit regular classes in Varna. Anjela is an international teacher, judge and lecturer at world festivals of eastern dance and forums for health and beauty. Organizes seminars, gala concerts and various events related to the ancient dances of the East. She is director of the biggest on the Black Sea coast, International Festival of Oriental and Ancient Dance Black Sea Fest Bulgaria by Anjela.

The event is held every year in Varna, in June. The 4th edition will be held on the 12th, 13th, 14th of June - 2020. Information about seminars, guests teachers and prices will be announced in the Events, Seminars and Prices section.

Teachers and assistants from Brazil, Egypt, Maldives, Indonesia, India, Argentina, as well as teachers from European World Festivals and Bulgaria, in the field of oriental and eastern dances, will welcome you in a series of seminars and lectures. Classes include classical, folklore and modern style in the field of oriental dances, as well as dance history, typical costumes, musical rhythms - Arabic rhythms and percussion. This gives the dancers to be able to analyze the structure of the music, to have a deep knowledge of the oriental art and allows to each artist to grow as a professionalist.

The age of visitors - from 7 +

For the first time, the boutique dance school Raqs Sharki Bulgaria sets on the stage the Eastern dances with performances at the Modern Theater Sofia, Slavyanska Beseda Sofia Theater, Stage of the Rousse Opera, Stage of the Festival Congress Center Varna and has the most realized students and concerts throughout the country. For information: Youtube (Black Sea Fest By Anjela, Raqs Shrki Bulgaria and Anjela Atanasova, ORIENT FEST BLACK SEA, Anjela's Sacred Cup etc.)
Dances are studied in the following directions
1.For stage and professional expression - studied - classical, folklore and modern - history of oriental dances, Arabic rhythms, technique, combinations, choreography, acting skills and preparation for performing on stage in Bulgaria and abroad.

2. Sacred Egyptian Dance for Health and Balance - a program that Anjela presents successfully in a series of seminars in Bulgaria and abroad, applying knowledge from quantum physics and psychology.

 3. For pregnant women - a special program with proven experience by Anjela, which lasts for 9 months while the woman is pregnant. Interview magazin 9 months - july, 2016

 !!! If you are interested in eastern oriental dances, Belly Dance and wish to add mystery and magic to your event with a dance boutique show program - Oriental Magic By Anjela, do not hesitate to contact us !!! The program is suitable for the following occasions - weddings, birthdays, company parties, team buildings, restaurants, theatrical productions, concerts, charity events, etc.

  We organize concerts, TV shows, competitions, festivals on the territory of the country Bulgaria and Europe and we work with some of the popular companies in Bulgaria. Participation for Roca - departament Bulgaria, Belgium's Ecophos - departament Bulgaria, Dansing stars, Vip Dance and other dance projects, Women's Expo Bulgaria.

 Support and sponsorship of some of the most popular world festivals.