Anjela is director of  Orient Fest Black Sea Bulgaria and works with the international masters from Egypt, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Anjela will be a TEACHER at OFBS 2018

Workshop Anjela & Edu - darbuka rhythms & vibration motion 15 june

Workshop - Magic veils - technique& choreography 17 june

 She is an international dance teacher, judge and guest at

-  Oriental Fairytales Fest Royal edition in Belgrade with main star Randa Kamel.

- Magic Bellydance Fest Oradea Romania

- Orient el hob with guest masters dr Gamal Seif, Ibrahim Hassan, Dariya Mitskevich, Sahar Samara, Alida Lin, Elena Ramazanova, Artem Uzunov

- Roses of the Orient bellydance Fest 

- Habibi Tsiggana - Greece

She has invitaions for  2018 – 2019 to teach in popular festivals in Europe, Asia, USA.

Anjela attends different workshops with masters from Egypt as Zaza Hassan, Khaled Mahmoud, Mahdy Emara, Wael Mansour, Randa Kamel, and European tachers as Leila, Daria Mitskevich, Martina Telini, Izida,  Inessa Aruena, Nina Nikolina, Shams.

She is certificated by International Festivals, Ministry of culture in Bulgaria, Ministry of Brazil with international guests from USA, World union of art and culture – Ukraine, International dance art academy – Russia. Anjela was 1 year part of most popular in the world ballet Todes (group in Bulgaria 2004) of Alla Duhova – Russia. Her experience in dance art area is over 27  years and she  loves to teach and open inner knowledge of dancers.

 Anjela is a  guest of gala show in  Milan 2012 invited by Shams,  Tesaloniki 2012 invited by Prynce Kayammer and  leads dance workshops in Bucharest and Bran (Romania)  for 2012 – 2014 at Academy of oriental dance art and percussions.

Anjela organized the first Egyptian-Oriental Art Workshops and concerts in Bulgaria with Egyptian, Brazilian, Argentinian and European teachers in the field of classical, folklore and modern styles. She has created the biggest art stage project 40 days & 1001 nights Bulgaria (with orienal and indian dance styles). Organizes concerts in the biggest cities of  Bulgaria, shown on theater and opera stages. She builds the youngest dancers of  Eastern Dances in Bulgaria (realized with festivals in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as teachers with their own dance schools). As girl she was  in Tunisia and there started to learn more about oriental art and dances. She is musician writer, artists with unique dance style and at same time she has own company and leads  metaphysical quantum physical’s workshops included spirituality sufi philosophy and therapy for balance and good health.

She is producer of 13 concerts in Bulgaria based on quantum physics and theories 
First woman in Bulgaria teaching with Egyptian masters Sufi and Dervwish Dance phylosophy.

Lecturer at the International Health Forum  - Egyptian dance and quantm therapy -
ART MANAGER  2012 - Festival of Bulgarian  Education - Sofia she is leading  and presents mayor of Sofia  city.
Anjela is lecturer and dance therapists in rehabilitation centers in Sofia and in others big cities in Bulgaria she is using quantum medicine  and works on projects with the Brazilian Embassy in Bulgaria
She is creators of the first programs for pregnant women in Bulgaria based on quantum physic and use ancient dance techniques as therapy for balance and harmony.

Heh first book 2012 - ANGEL'S VOICE BY ANJELA. Her First movie – 2011 – The Family – about Raqs sharki in her path

Angela has successfully completed three university degrees,  when she was 20 years  old she became part of the management of the family business.
Work with some of the biggest companies in Bulgaria.
Six years she study with a doctor from Germany of  "Doctors without Borders"
Appearances in TV - Channel BTV 1 morning show, Eurocom, the Black Sea Varna, Tv show Milen Tsvetkov, Channel 3 and other
Working with one of the most famous names in quantum therapy and metaphysics from Russia and USA. She was invited to open  Metaphysical dance Center in Alabama 2011.

Now she leads workshops in Bulgaria and Europe – included raqs shrki, metaphysic, therapy and organizes Festivals and Concerts every year at the Black sea's coast.










mr Mahdy  Emara - Egypt -  Main Master teacher & Judge  OFBS 2018


1. Saidi - melaya lef - tabla - egyptian mix - 15  JUNE 2018

2. Shaabi - 16 june 2018

3. Mejance  - choreography - 17 JUNE 2018

He is one of the teachers of the OFBS 2016 and of the biggest  popular festivals in the world for professional belly dancing Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Nile group, Leylah Masrya Fest in Egypt, Korea - Open bellydance championships.

The Art of Belly Dancing lead master Mahdy Eamara to be  a specialist in the original Egyptian style Raqs Sharqi. He is one of the best oriental dance teacher and artists in the world. After 12 years of teaching  Oriental Art in Egypt, he was taken to countries in Europe and worldwide and over 20 years he has teaching gifted children and young women in schools, where he is a guest lecturer.

Mahdi Emara is a founder and director of The Ballad Dance Group
in the Netherlands.
In his class you will find what is constantly reinventing dance.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQIxp0s6bfc -







Shams is a teacher judge and guest at OFBS 2018. She will be Guest star at World Show Masters of the Sea 2018 in Varna city - 16 june 

Workshop - Modern oriental&Turkish flavor

More than 25 years she has living and working in Italy - Milan, where in 2004 created Circolo Culturale Shams -  for learning and dissemination of Oriental dance and culture in all its forms of interpretation.

With her unique and engaging style causes unforgettable emotions of many appearances in concerts, including famous world names as Hakim, Aziz, M. Munir, B. Sultan, E, Karika. Jilina Carlano - USA, I. Lolov and other artists is often a guest on radio shows, and big  televisions in Bulgaria and  Italy


For her activity work carried out with love and passion, she has been awarded in various international competitions.
In Italy, she is the first ballet dancer of Belly dancing awarded the prestigious trophy "Arte & Operosita 2003", which is awarded to persons from cultural, artistic and social public life in the presentation of,, Italia vetrina nel mondo,,

Her dance is  beauty with magic sensuality of Oriental dance. Shams is one of the most interesting performer in the artistic panorama of the Middle East. She is dancing, using the Arabic classical technique, and she makes connection  with the culture of own homeland Bulgaria, where intertwine typical elements of Turkish oriental dance.
The result is a mix of melodies and rhythms between the Orient and the West, which creates her as absolutely unique and the only one of her style with an extremely fascinating particular effect.
More about Shams belly dance and the relationship with Bulgaria, see below

Shams belly dance - born in Sofia. Land divided between the West and the East, where European traditions coexist with the oriental world.  She studied  at State Art Academy in Sofia city the captial of Bulgaria and attended various courses and workshops of belly dancing in countries such as Turkey, Tunisia Jordan Egypt France, Italy and others. As a professional dancer- artist of  RAQS SHARKI she  has performed at local and international level. She has presented with success in different countries at Cultural and Artistic centers, Festivals, Shows, Theaters and other initiatives. For her is pleasure dancing for the people at Restaurants, private events, contributing with her own talents for many students and viewers to explore and share the knowlege of Oriental dance

Of course it is impossible to describe all her performances and appearances, where she is acclaimed by the audience for her success and beautiful  talent.  Shams Belly Dance is now  teaching this ancient art  symbol of millennial cultures with sensuality and femininity, which brings the magic and mystery until now.

In 2012 Anjela is co-organizer of the first successfuly seminars of Shams in Sofia city  and she invited Shams to be a special guest at the biggest oriental art project in Bulgaria 40 days 1001 nights Bulgaria in Modern Theatre Sofia 2012.

Together they have participated in Tv Show BTV Chanel 3 and etc...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-pFWFcSn0o BTV

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pkifjj3GR5M&list=PL0F2A04B3E74BE7DB&index=11 Concert by Anjela in Bulgaria with Guest Shams from Milan



Edu Shadrawy - Argentina OFBS 2018

Edu Shadrawy - Argentina OFBS 2018













Edu Shadrawy  - Argentina is a special guest teacher at OFBS 2018 and together with Anejla they will present workshop  included rhythms and dance movements

Workshop Edu&Anjela - Darbuka rhythms&Vibration motion

Eduardo Shadrawy, musician. Since  2002 year, he has worked in different orchestras such as Horus arab music, Mario Kirlis. The orchestra of Arab restaurant Fairuz, and the restaurant Al Shark.

He has also shared the stage with artists such as Randa Kamel (Egypt), Yousry Sharif (Egypt), Asmahan (Egypt / Argentina) Jillina (USA), Aziza (Canada) , Amir Thaleb (Argentina) and others popular masters.

 His career started as a mazhar, then developed his own technique with darbuka, as well as guitar, bass. Currently he uses assemblages (loops, one shots, rhythmic sequences) and electronic instruments, mixed with natural instruments, like darbuka or djembe, in an evolutionary advance of the percussion in century XXI.

 He is the creator of the Drum-fit training system, using percussion as a resistance mechanism and muscle toning, as well as the student's auditory and perceptual development. The percussion is vibration and is reflected in the movement.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgNq3q_VAUw - Edu & Mathias Hazrum




















Aruena - Inessa - Serbia

Special guest teacher&judge& international star  at Orient Fest Black sea 2018

Workshop - Egyptian balady  

 Aruend is director of the biggest oriental festival in Serbia - Oriental Fairytales Belgrade http://www.orientalfairytalesfest.com/

She is oriental bellydance instructor, performer and choreographer from Belgrade (Serbia). Her first encounter with oriental dance was in 2005, and in 2008 she founded her own oriental dance school Aruena,    which is one of the largest and best known oriental dance schools in Serbia and the region. It currently numbers over 120 members and more than 1000 students have gone through it from its founding    until today. Aruena bellydance school is more and more successful each year and is constantly admitting new students throughout the year, with several assistant instructors working in the school.    Aruena is also the founder, choreographer and artistic director of the bellydance troupe Oriental Muses, founded not long after Aruena oriental dance school, through which many talented bellydancers obtained    the opportunity to distinguish themselves. Aruena oriental dance studio have their sections also in several cities in Serbia led by students of Aruena. Pancevo, Opovo and Smederevo.

By visiting numerous bellydance festivals all around the world and attending seminars in the country as well as abroad, Aruena gained the opportunity to learn from: Khaled Mahmoud   (UK, Eg), Sandra Kahloun (Fra), Maria Aya (Gre), Prince Kayammer (Gre), Yael Zarca (Fra), Karolina Idrisova (Cze), Mayodi (Fra, Eg), Bina (Fra), Aleksei Riaboshapka (Cze),    Mandi Aziza Williams (USA), Jillina Carlano (USA), Randa Kamel (Eg), Orit Maftsir (Izrael), Mohamed Sahin (Eg), Marta Korzun (Ukr), Nikolas Kazakos (Gre), Sara Shahin    (Ita), Anett Kahena (Hun), Joana Saahirah (Eg), Serkan Tutar (Tur), Azad Kaan (Ger) and many, many others.

Aruena’s talent, musicality, harmony of movement, charisma, expressivity, interpretation and the uniqueness of her dancing style have been positively evaluated by Randa Kamel    and Mandi Aziza Williams, judges of the Egyptian Dream Festival 2012 in Vienna, where Aruena won the second place in professional category, as well as by judges led by Orit Maftsir    at the Orient Express Festival 2013 also in Vienna, where she won the third place in professional category.

Aruena is also the organizer of numerous oriental dance evenings, concerts, gala shows, humanitarian events and bellydance workshops. Her biggest project so far is the Oriental Fairytales Festival, which began as a school    concert, growing each year with new activities being added to the programme and more and more bellydancers participating. Oriental Fairytales Festival now is the biggest and most famous oriental dance festival in Serbia    and region. Aruena is often invited as a gladly seen guest on Serbian televisions, fairs, celebrations and concerts of other oriental dance schools and on international festivals as well.

She is one of the most famous and most influential oriental dance instructors in Serbia, and her teaching skills are well recognized by other instructors throughout the country, which is why she is often    invited to hold workshops as well as private lessons to other instructors, and lately she is more and more recognized by foreign teachers and international bellydancers by the uniqueness of her dancing style,    her interpretation, energy, emotionality, and her perfect performance technique.

Aruena teaches various  dance styles, such as: modern Egyptian pop, oriental routine, tarab, shaabi, saiidi, khaliiji, fantasy fusion (veil, isis wings, fan veil), beledi, drum solo, eskandarani, lyrical arabic song,    golden era style, beautiful arms, bellybalet, shimmi a la Aruena, etc. (Aruena Oriental Dance Studio Website: aruenaorijentalniples.com)




MIMI SOKOLOVA - Switzerland - OFBS 2018

MIMI SOKOLOVA - Switzerland - OFBS 2018













Mimi Sokolova - Switzerland/Bulgaria

Guest Teacher & Judge& International star - OFBS 2018

Workshop - Romantic oriental - choreography

 She is Director of the popular Festivals Orient el Hob and Leylet Hob in Switzerland. www.orientlehob.com  www.leylethob.com

Mimi is one of the first performers of oriental dances in Bulgaria.

Oriental dances become an irreplaceable part of her daily round. She takes part regularly in many international festivals in Europe, Egypt and Israel and while traveling, she can take advantage of the languages she speaks. In addition to Bulgarian, Mimi speaks another 7 languages - French, English, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian and Serbian. In these countries she takes lessons and workshops with the best international teachers like Dina, Raqia Hassan, Randa Kamel, Orit Maftsir, Mo Gedawi, Momo Kadous, Mohamed Shahin, Amir Thaleb, Asmahan, Khaled Ñeif, Tito, Bozenka, Jillina, Azizza-Canada, Wael Mansour, Hassan Khalil and many more. website: www.mimi-bellydance.com where you can find also her models of bellydance costumes , because Mimi it also designer. She created by her self about 70 differents models each of them are uniques.. Besides participating in various festivals, Mimi has graduated 1 year professional training Raks Life in Berlin under the guidance of Nabila Sabha and with the special participation of Gye Shalom from London and his orchestra. There she studied different Arabian rhythms, history and technique of oriental dances.

In July 2012 Mimi successfully graduated another professional training for oriental dance teachers in Paris under the guidance of Yael Zarca in Sultana association. There she studied in a profound and extended way anatomy, technique , history, dancing styles and pedagogics - all that is necessary to create a professional teacher of oriental dances. In Mimi's opinion even if you know a lot, there is always something more to learn. That is why she never stops studying and refining her skills. In October 2013 she attended another intensive oriental dancing course with Aziza Abdul Ridha and dr. Mo Geddawi and one more time she successfully took a diploma as an international teacher and performer of oriental dances.

At www.mimi-bellydance.com you can find also her models of bellydance costumes, because Mimi is also designer. She created by herself about 70 different models each of them unique.

Now Mimi teaches in her own dancing school in Montrois, Switzerland.

For 2014  -2017 she has organized  International Festival Orient el hob Bulgaria in Sofia and Varna cities.








SHARYN - England / Romania Special Guest teacher& judge& international star


Sharyn is Director of Oriental Festival Romania and 2018 will be Special guest teacher at OFBS in Varna city, invted by Anjela.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-ny2cNFN6E Mario Kirlis &Matias Hazrum


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeX9omVSCog with Mario Kirlis

Learn more about Sharyn:
-  Founder of National Center of Oriental Dance and Music, in Romania
- Organizer of the ORIENTAL FEST ROMANIA - the biggest oriental dance and music festival from Romania
– Certified Trainer for Dance Teachers & Live Music Bellydance Teacher, in Romania / England
****10 years of experience in Teaching Bellydance with LIVE MUSIC****

Studies & Diplomas:

** CERTIFIED Dance Teacher - European certification
** CERTIFIED Trainer for Teachers - European certification
** CERTIFIED Organizer for shows and events - European certification
** CERTIFIED Assessor in Dance - European certification
** CERTIFIED Teacher for Kinesiological Stretching

** Bachelor's degree in Economics - International Management

Other studies:
- Egyptian classical dance
- Gymnastics
- Yoga / pilates
- Ballet
- Arabic Music Theory
- Classical singing classes – Canto Opera

Studies and specialization with leading international dance teachers:
* Saida Helou (Argentina), Yamil Annum (Argentina), Florencia Kirlis (Argentina), Carla Pedicone (Argentina), Oscar Flores (Argentina), Shanan Romina Aragon (Argentina), Mohamed Sahin (Egipt), Hassan Khalil (Egipt), Orit (Israel) , Gamal Seif (Egipt), Eleonora Nidal (Italia), Boyana Petrova (Bulgaria), Suraiya (Poland), Shams (Bulgary/ Italy), Yulianna Voronina (Ukraine)  and many others.

Studies with singers and musicians - international teachers of oriental music:
* Mario Kirlis (Argentina), Matias Hazrum (Argentina), Alejandro Curtarelli (Argentina), Lucas Cortese (Argentina), Nicolas Kirlis (Argentina), Tareq Alaghwani (Iordania), Carlos Nahmani (Romania)

****10 years of experience in Teaching Bellydance with LIVE MUSIC****
- The first Bellydance Teacher in Romania who constantly and continuously promote Oriental Dance courses with LIVE MUSIC - within the dance school classes (all our bellydance classes are held with Live Music) and also through the performances featuring Live Music - having as a collaborators: Carlos Nahmani, Tareq Alaghwani, Mario Kirlis, Matias Hazrum, Nicolas Kirlis & Lucas Cortese;
- The only Dance Instructor in Romania, who had the honor to teach a Belly dance Workshop with MARIO KIRLIS Orchestra!!!
- Founder of the first Academy of Oriental Dance and Music in Romania - in collaboration with Carlos Nahmani (Oriental Percussion & Oriental Keyboard) and having as partner teachers Florencia Kirlis, Mario Kirlis, Matias Hazrum, Lucas Cortese & Nicolas Kirlis!!
- Targeted specifically toward pedagogical side, Sharyn is developing a personal method of teaching Oriental Dance for dancers, and also a special program of training for Belydance teachers.
- In Sharyn's Workshops & Seminars have participated for specialization, most of the bellydance teachers from Romania .
- Sharyn is also known in Romania as the bellydance teacher with the largest number of students present at the scene, in shows.

- Sharyn is the best known Organizer of international dance festivals in Romania:

** MISTERY 2012 - featuring special guest stars FLORENCIA and NICOLAS KIRLIS (Argentina).
** BELLYART 2012 - featuring the special guest star CARLA PEDICONE (Argentina).
** BELLYDANCE MYSTIC CAMP 2012 – featuring the special guest teacher from Bulgaria - ANJELA ATANASOVA
** ORIENTAL FEST 2013 – featuring special guest stars: MARIO KIRLIS & MATIAS HAZRUM (Argentina)
** ROMANIAN BELLYDANCE CUP 2013 – first international bellydance competition with Live Orchestra, in Romania
** SACRED ORIENTAL DANCE & SUFI WEEKEND – featuring the special guest teacher from Bulgaria - ANJELA ATANASOVA
** International Bellydance Camp with Oscar Flores (Argentina) at Black Sea – Mamaia, 2014
** SENSUAL BELLYDANCE WEEKEND 2014 – featuring the special guest teacher from Bulgaria - BOYANA PETROVA
** ORIENTAL FEST 2014 – featuring special guest stars: MARIO KIRLIS (Argentina), Lucas Cortese (Argentina), Shanan Romina Aragon (Argentina), Marta Nowicka (Polonia), Irina Zagoruiko (Ucraina)
** BELLY DANCE WEEKEND 2016 – featuring the special guest star Eleonora Nidal (Italia)
** BELLY DANCE WEEKEND 2016 – featuring the special guest star SURAIYA Ibrahim from Poland
** ORIENTAL FEST 2017 – featuring special guest stars: MARIO KIRLIS (Argentina), Yulianna Voronina (Ukraine), RatXan (Russia), Eleonora Nidal (Italy)

** Organizer of:
- Bellydance classes in Romania: Iasi & Bucharest with Live Music
- Oriental Musical Theory classes in Romania: Iasi and Bucharest
- Annual shows featuring the dance school's students
- Oriental Dance and Percussion Camps: 2008 - 2017
- Mystic Drums & Sacred Dance camps: 2009 - 2017
- Stylized oriental dance seminars in Romania, as well as abroad

** Founder of Het Heru Bellydance Group in 2008
** Numerous Show performances at Romanian TV, events, parties, weddings, local festivals, international festivals
** Collaborations with different associations for teaching and shows: BWFR - Business Women Forum Romania, Luca Association, Madalin Anghelescu Association, Clopotel Association

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams

Nevena Tacheva Dobler - Germany - Bulgaria OFBS 2018

Nevena Tacheva Dobler - Germany - Bulgaria OFBS 2018

















Nevena Tacheva - Dobler - Germany/Bulgaria





Nevena is director of bellydance festival Roses of the Orient - Bulgaria http://nevena.dance/school

She won  2nd place in category classical oriental solo at  Queen Of The Orient Festival  Germany

with judge team - Fifi Abdou(Egypt), Saida Helou (Argentina), Raed AbdElghany (France), Gamal Mito (Egypt), Esam Tork Rivernile(Egypt), Yana Tsehotskaya (Ukraine), Izida Raqs (Germany), Anna Radici (Germany), Yasirah Dance (Germany), Selma Dance (Germany)

 She is winner  at "CROWN OF THE GODDESS" OFBS 2015 BY ANJELA

 Nevena  is a professional bellydancer from Bulgaria, currently based in Erlangen, Germany, where she teaches, performs, and attends classes and festivals all around the country."

She is the winner of Oriental*Rising*Star competition of Total Oriental Nuremberg for 2015 and the German Vice champion in Oriental dance 2013. In 2012, Nevena was a solo dancer in the dance theater “Aladin and the Magic Lamp” directed by Dr. Gamal Seif. In 2014 she has successfully obtained the MKC certificate, issued by the star choreographer Momo Kadous for first-class fundamental training in classical and modern oriental dance.

  Nevena is one of the choreographer at Dance tv show - Dansing Stars and one of the coorganizer of Anjela's project 40 days 1001 nights Bulgaria 2008 - 2012. Anjela organized workshop with Nevena in Ruse and Sofia 2010 2012

Nevena organizes workshops with teacher from Greece Prynce Kayammer and has participated in the biggest festival of oriental art in Greece by Stella Zahir."

Her teachers in oriental path are names as Jilina Carlano USA, Mohamed Kazafy- Egypt, Raqia Hassan-Egypt, Prince Kayammer, Greece, Dr Gamal Seif

 Her purely Egyptian style and emotional nature make her the right choice for lovers of classical Egyptian oriental dance. Among her students she is known for her systematic approach in teaching strong technique and expression.

see some of her videos:





http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0cTsDbLKyk - GERMANY

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCQEEIZuaZM - GREECE
















Îlga Komadey - Russia

Guest teacher& judge& international star - OFBS 2018

Workshop - American Trible Style (ATS) 

Olga was a guest teacher at OFBS 2016. Her workshop acceptes with inspiraton by her students and again we invited her to teach ATS at OFBS 2018. She is a dancer and teacher of  tribal belly dance style. In her class you can  learn how to dance with cymbals. Director and choreographer of the dance ensemble Na'lini

Invited by Anjela to work on events in Bulgaria, Olga became

Co - organizer of concerts 40 days 1001 nights Varna city 2012 -2014.  

Co - organizer of the workshops with Eleonora Nidal from Italy-(Sharqi Day Rome).

She studies Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style at famous school of tribal dance in Russia: Tribal Mafia, certified FCBD Sister Studio.

Olga: “I am so happy to learn and to work with such perfect teachers: Ekaterina Demina, Viktoria Antipova, Anastasia Minashkina and many others, they help me to get to know so unique and diversified tribal dance. I am pleased to perform these styles on different stages.”

Also she took part at «Fusion staging project» with Lamia Barbara and was a student at her laboratory of dance, performing Lamia’s choreography on one scene with her.

 American Tribal Style is based on group improvisation. The ATS system contains of special “vocabulary” by dance movements with certain keys and transitions and that help dancers to perform together in set formation. 

In Level one, you will get an understanding and knowledge of the foundational movements that make up all of ATS

Sara Sarson - Croatia - OFBS 2018

Sara Sarson - Croatia - OFBS 2018

Sara Sarson - Croatia - Guest Teacher & Judge OFBS 2018

Workshop - Bellydance& street Jazz

In this workshop we will be incorporating dynamic movements from the street jazz stylization. You can expect playful drills, intricate footwork, spins and complex layering!

Sara Saršon falls in love with the art of dance from an early age. She studied many dance styles such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary dance and has attended many workshops worldwide.

Sara is enrolled in Suhaila Salimpour (USA) and Jamila Salimpour (USA) belly dance format. Every year she travels abroad to attend these workshops. In Brussels in 2016 she has performed with Bal Anat, the oldest running belly dance group in  the world. Sara strives to work and train in as many styles as possible so her technique both combines fusion and classical styles. Sara has also trained with many of the world’s leading dancers such as Sabriye Tekbilek ( Swe), Randa Kamel (Egy), Nika Mlakar ( Slo), Wael Mansour ( Ita/Egy), Aruena ( Ser), Leila ( Ser), Tommy King ( Egy), Mahdy Emara ( Egy) and many others.







Ilina Hathor - Bulgaria OFBS 2018

Ilina Hathor - Bulgaria  OFBS 2018













Ilina Hathor - Bulgaria - guest teacher& judge& international star OFBS 2018

Workshop - Tarab Style

 Ilina Hathor is oriental dancer with a few years experience, from Bulgaria. She study oriental dances at different workshops with famouse masters  around the world and participate at dance' competitions of international oriental festivals.

Ilina attend workshops with most popular names of oriental dance art as:

Dina of Cairo, Randa Kamel, Magda of Cairo, Evelina Papazova, Mercedes Nieto, Leila Oriental, Izida, Gamal Seif, Prince Kayammer, Mohamed El Sayed, Mohamed Kazafy,  Khaled Mahmoud, Aleksei Riaboshapka, Virginia Mendez, Nabila, Tommy King, Anna Borisova, Wael Mansour, Mahhaned Hawaz and others .

Her passion is Tarab Style which she will share at workshop - june 2018.




Mona el Farid Russia/Lebanon - Special guest star at World show "Masters of the Sea" and JUDGE at Contests "Crown of the Goddess" - OFBS 2018
Organizer of the international art oriental festival "AL RAKESA" in Moscow. One of the main teachers in the creative project "Dance and soul laboratory"
Mona el Farid is a winner and finalist of the Russian and international competitions and belly dancing festivals. International a
rtist, judge and teacher- choreographer of Oriental dance.
The charismatic professional dancer with authentic Egyptian style, sensual and artistic technique of the Egyptian style of performance.
Her bright performances do not leave the audience indifferent around the world! Arabic and sensual - Mona El Farid!

WULAN - Indonesia World Show Masters of the Sea OFBS 2018

WULAN - Indonesia  World Show Masters of the Sea OFBS 2018












WULAN - INDONESIA - Special guest Star& Judge at OFBS 2018

Owner of JavaBayern Dance School Plattling Bavaria Germany   

Organizer  Asia Exotica Oriental Dance Event 

She is a judge at competition "Crown of the Goddess" and Special guest star at World show "Masters of the Sea" of Orient Fest Black sea 2018 by Anjela She is an International oriental  Dancer ,Organizer Asia Exotica Oriental Dance Event,  Owner JavaBayern Dance School Germany,  Choreographer and Performer.

The Asian woman from Indonesia, since 2006 based in Germany, is a multi-winner at various competitions. She has also been working for a very long time in the Bollywood and Hip-Hop sector, as well as in Indonesian Folk. She is a international choreographer at international festivals and is traveling around as an international performer in Asia (Indonesia), Europe (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic,Cyprus,), Africa (Tunisia, Morocco), Egypt.

Wulan has completed her diploma dance pedagogy at the IFFA Mannheim in Germany and is certified dance group coach and fitness from the BSA Academy in Munich and Wulan has completed too her diploma Oriental dance in Austria & Germany

Euro Education European Fitness School / Dance Education ( Münich, Germany )
Backinstructor More to Move On ( Dachau, Germany )
Pilates & Yoga Instructor More To Move On (Unterföhring, Germany)
Group Trainer B - Lizenz BSA - Akademie (Münich, Germany)
Hip Hop Diplom Instructor IFAA International Fitness & Aerobic Academi 
(Manheim, Germany) Dance Academy (Wien, Austria) 
Dance Education Master Teacher:

Guillermo González Vega ( Argentina ), Marta Formoso (Spain), Gil Lopes (Brasil), Carol Lopez ( Spain ), Madonna Grimes ( USA ) 

Belly Dance Education

Tanz euphoria by Nelly / Greece Wien , Austria ) 
Oriental Dance Federation / International Union of Dance Teacher by Amira / Russia ( Cyprus ), Edu Raks by Azad Kaan / Turkey (Fürth, Germany) 
Belly Dance Master Teacher
Shahrazad Huisman / NL/Germany, Mona Elsayed Cairo /Egypt, Mohmed Hassan Cairo / Egypt,Tuna /Egypt,Sadie Marquardt / USA ,Hassan Afifi /Egypt, Didem Kinali / Turkey, Aladin Germany/Egypt, Ahmed Fekry / Egypt ,Hassan Saber / Egypt, Maria Dourountaki/Greece ,Marta Korzun/Ukraina, Beata/Horacio Cifuentes/ Germany
International  Bellydance Multi Winner : 
2014 : 2nd place Group Classic Taorie Festival Hameln, Germany 
2015 : 
2nd place Solo Classic Taorie Festival Hameln , Germany 
3rd Place Duo Fantasy Taorie Festival Hameln, Germany 
2016 : 
1st Place Solo Show/Fantasy International Oriental Dreams Cyprus 
3rd place Solo Profesionel Solo classic International Oriental Dreams Cyprus 
3rd place New comer Oriental Fantasy Berlin, Germany 
2nd place  Solo Swiss Open Bellydance cup 
3rd place Solo Tabla Swiss Open Bellydance Cup 
3rd place Solo Oriental Show Swiss Open Bellydance Cup 
4. Place Solo Classic live Music Stage Festival Cairo , Agypt
4.Place Miss Belly Raks Stuttgart OTF , Germany
2017 : 
2nd Place Solo Folklore Aladin Oriental Festival Bonn, Germany
1st Place Solo Folklore Orient Express Cyprus 
Link you tube :
In OFBS June 2018 Bulgarian she will dance at world show Masters of the Sea style: Shaabi Street -Mahraganat  

Alexandra & Ionut Daniel Straton - Romania - Guests artists WS Masters of the Sea OFBS 2018

Alexandra & Ionut Daniel Straton - Romania - Guests artists WS Masters of the Sea OFBS 2018












Ionut Daniel Straton - Romania - Guest musician - violin OFBS 2018

World show ''Masters of the Sea'' - 16 june 2018  - Grand hall - Hotel Persey

He has plaing on violin  since 1992 . He has started the courses at the National Art College "Octav Băncilă"Iași, Romania. In the fifth grade begins to be part of the folkloric music orchestra "Hora" of the Children's Palace Iași, Romania. During the years of school he has participate in countless fetivals both in the country and abroad such as: "Dorna, plai de joc si cantec" - Vatra Dornei, Romania, "Calușul Românesc" Slatina, Romania, "Peștișorul de Aur" Tulcea, România, "Ambasadorii Unirii" Alba-Iulia, România, The folklorical music festival "Natalia Șerbăneț" Tulcea,Romania, "Festival de Montoire" - France, "Festival de Felletin" France. "Festival Internacional de Folclore da Cida do Porto" Portugal, "Edirne Belediyesi" Turkey, etc. He also was a part in the Symphonic Orchestra of the college. Since 2005 he attended the courses of the National Art University "George Enescu" Iași, Romania at the section-violin. Also he collaborated with the National Opera "Vasile Alecsandri" Iasi, Romania. And he also participated in numerous private events and local and national tv shows. 

Welcome to Ionut Daniel Straton

Alexandra - Daniela Straton  - Romania -Guest performer OFBS 2018

World show ''Masters of the Sea'' - 16 june 2018  - Grand hall - Hotel Persey

She has her debut in the dance world in 2004, the first styles of dancing was those in the fiel of ballroom dance, in the ballroom dance club Reflex Iasi, Romania, earning numerous awards both locally and nationally. Then follow the courses of the National Art College "Octav Băncilă" Iași, Romania at the choreography - ballet section, graduating and obtaining the choreographer's diploma in 2016. During this time will be a part of the assemblies "Veselka" of the Union of Ukrainians in Romania and "Rapsodia" the ensemble of Romanian folklorical dances of the National Art College "Octav Băncilă" Iași were she participated in numerous festivals and competition. Continuing with the courses of the National Art University "George Enescu" Iași, Romania, at the choreography section. Fascinated by the character dances, it also reveals the elegance, beauty and complexity of oriental dance. First as a hobby after that to become in the last two years a lifestyle. She participated in the workshops organized by master Alina Gabriela in Iasi but also to international masters such as Didem Kinali. He has also performed in private events as well as in local and national TV shows.

Welcome Alexandra Straton

Alexandra Dance -Guest performer WS Masters of the sea OFBS 2018

Alexandra Dance -Guest performer WS Masters of the sea OFBS 2018












Alexandra Dance - Romania - Guest Star  - OFBS 2018

Guest star of World Show - ''Masters of the Sea''

Participant in Contest - Crown of the Goddess - Rising stars category

Alexandra - Daniela Straton - Alexandra Dance - She has started her debut of the dance world since 2004 with the ballroom dance style - (ballroom dance club Reflex) Iasi, Romania. She earning numerous awards both locally and nationally. Then she has visited the courses in the National Art College "Octav Băncilă" Iași, Romania - choreography - ballet section, graduating and obtaining the choreographer's diploma in 2016.

During this time she is part of the assemblies

"Veselka" of the Union of Ukrainians in Romania 

"Rapsodia" the ensemble of Romanian folklorical dances of the National Art College "Octav Băncilă" Iași

 She participated in numerous festivals and competition. Continuing with the courses of the National Art University "George Enescu" Iași, Romania (choreography section). Fascinated by the character dances, it also reveals the elegance, beauty and complexity of oriental dance. First as a hobby after that to become in the last two years a lifestyle.

She participated in the workshops organized by master Alina Gabriela (Director of Romania Orient Fest and creator of the school about  bellydances in England) in Iasi but also visited workshops with  the international masters such as Didem Kinali (Turkey). Alexandra is guest performer in private events  as well in local and national TV shows.

Welcome Alexandra to OFBS 2018















Violetta - Belgium/ Russia - Special Guest Star at World show "Masters of the Sea"|

OFBS 2018 and part of contest "Crown of the Goddess" 2018

Violetta is an artistic director of  “Oriental Cocktail” Bellydance Open Stage Festival and  Oriental Cocktail Bellydance Festival in Belgium.  She is also a co-organizer of Dutch Open Bellydance  Championships in the Netherlands.

Violetta  – is an international dancer, teacher, choreographer, fitness instructor and model. Violetta has been dancing for 12 years. She is a dancer and teacher of oriental dance, High - Heels style and Jazz-Funk.

In 2016 Violetta became a semi-finalist of a TV show "Belgium's Got Talent". In 2017, she became a silver and a bronze winner at World Championships of Performing Arts in the USA.  Violetta also became  a member of World Stars Association in Hollywood.

Video link 


More information about Violetta


Maya Angel -Serbia Guest performer Show ''Masters of the Sea''

Maya Angel -Serbia Guest performer Show ''Masters of the Sea''












Maya Angel - Serbia -  Guest performer - OFBS 2018 by Anjela

She will be participant in:

- contest "Crown of the Goddess" - Rising stars category - 15 june 2018 

- Guest artist in World Show  " Masters of the Sea" - 16 june 2018

- place of the both events - Hotel Persey Grand Hall.

Maya is an assistant in  Aruena 's school -  Inessa (Director of the biggest festival in Belgrade  Oriental Fairtytales Belgrade).  She has visited numerous workshops with the international masters and won 1 st place -  begginer category of Oriental Fairytales Festival 2017. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7vC6_oC5E0 - SERBIA

Welcome to OFBS 2018 Maya Angel.

Stefani-Bulgaria - Guest performer â World Show Masters of the Sea OFBS 2018

Stefani-Bulgaria  - Guest performer â World Show Masters of the Sea OFBS 2018

Stefani - Bulgaria - Guest performer in World Show Masters of the Sea - OFBS 2018
She is participant in Rising Stars Category of Contest Crown of the Goddess 2018
15 june 2018 - Grand Hall - Hotel Persey - Varna city.
Stefani has started her oriental dance path 5 years ago, taking regular classes with her teacher Nadia Stoykova. Since then, she visited several oriental dance festivals - “Layali Bulgaria” in Sofia, Bulgaria, “Oriental passion” in Athens, Greece, 
“Orient el hob” in Sofia, Bulgaria, "Enta omri" in Beograd Serbia, "Oriental Fairyteles" in Belgrade, Serbia where she study in  classes with the Queen of oriental dances  - Randa Kamel and popular masters such as Wael Mansour, Mercedes Nieto, Marta Korzun, Illan Riviere , Leandro Ferreya, Evelina Papazova,  Sandra, Kristina Derkach, Karan Pangali, Morgana,  Pablo Acosta, Asmahan, Mayodi , Yael Zarca and many other teachers.
In 2016 she join Kaya dance group, leaded by Katya Tosheva, where she study classical indian dance and bollywood and has participated in various performances around Bulgaria.
She has participated and competed in few bulgarian dance festivals, where she get various awards 
- the festival Tyrnovska tsaritsa 2013 in Veliko Tyrnovo town, Bulgaria,
- “Magic world” 2013, 2016 and 2017, Haskovo town, Bulgaria 
- "Plovdiv  - Ancient and Eternal" in Plovdiv city, Bulgaria.

Þëèÿ Ñìèðíîâà Ðóñèÿ - Guest star at World show Masters of the Sea - OFBS 2018

Þëèÿ Ñìèðíîâà Ðóñèÿ - Guest star at World show Masters of the Sea - OFBS 2018












Yullia Smirnova - Russia - Special Guest Star at World Show "Masters of the Sea" OFBS 2018 by Anjela. She will be one of participant in Competition "Crown of the Goddess" 2018 -  solo professional category.

Yulia Smirnova is a professional dancer, master of Oriental dance, winner of Russian and international competitions and Championships.  She is a dance teacher, certified teacher of Cairo Mirage Bellydance Union, and teacher and judge of the international Federation for Oriental dance. Multiple winner and prize-winner of such prestigious competitions as:

- Five-time winner of the championship of Ukraine (category" Professionals") 2006-2007
- Absolute winner among professionals of international Dance Festival "Oriental Dreams" Cyprus, Limassol
- Winner of the international championship Europe-Asia (category "seniors") 2015, 2016
- Winner Cup Katie Eshta  in the category of «Tabla-solo»
- Winner of the international festival Al Rakesa, winner of the crown «Diamond Queen»
 She is a teacher of children's group "Eshta", multiple winner and prize-winner of Russian competitions. Yullia Smirnova is the founder and ideological inspirer of the shop and showroom ALDIM, which for 15 years has been a success and popularity among dancers in Russia and other countries.
Welcome to our special guest star from Russia - Yullia smirnova

Stanislava - Bulgaria - Guest star at World Show Masters of the Sea - OFBS 2018

Stanislava - Bulgaria - Guest star at World Show Masters of the Sea  - OFBS 2018

Stanislava Ljutova - Bulgaria - Guest star at World show Masters of the Sea - OFBS 2018 by Anjela

She is a student of Anjela and attend regular classes with other teachers of bellydance from Bulgaria. At same time she visit  workshops of international masters teachers part of  International Festivals as Orient el Hob.

2018 Stanislava will be part of competition  "Crown of the Goddess" - Rising stars category and Guest Star at World Show "Masters of the sea".